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Keep in touch with your friends, members of your village, your city, learn their ethnicity or language and make these meetings easily.

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Make your meetings easy

With our integrated meeting system, hold your meetings wherever you are and make decisions with everyone together.

Voting system

A voting system is included in the meeting to help make decisions by consulting with others.

Structured communication

Only one person speaking at the same time, this way the meeting is structured clean.


In on click ask the creator of the meeting to speak, to express yourself.

Rich content

During the meeting added emojis, images and also texts to animate the discussion.


Image village sur le site Ahnien
Your village

No need to be in several groups to get information about your village, thanks to the part of the site dedicated to your village, share information with them in one click.

Image ville sur le site Ahnien
Your city

No need to be several groups to have the information of your city, thanks to the part of the site dedicated to your city, share information with them in one click.

Learn or promote your language or ethnicity.

Thanks to the dictionary which will soon become a translator available on the site :

  • Learn your language or ethnicity.
  • Make your language or your ethnicity known in one click.

Stay in touch with your loved ones

Share content of all types, namely images, videos, emojis and messages with your friends wherever they are. Get news from your friends in a simple and super cool way.

  • Videos
  • Pictures
  • Emojis
  • Texts